Baker’s Bounty – From Buying Spanish Bread To Becoming A Pilmico Flour Sub-dealer


Susan Pena is a “suki” or a frequent buyer of Pilmico bread. Everyday, they would pass by the Pilmico Research and Training Bakery (PRTB) in Paranaque to buy the “Spanish bread” they always craved for.

Being in the IT industry for most of her life, Mrs. Pena did not know anything about baking or the food industry in general. Susan certainly did not know that their humble craving for Pilmico’s Spanish bread would lead to a profitable business venture for their family in the following months.

After consecutive trainings at the PRTB, and with the help and support of Pilmico’s very own Chef Cynthia and Territory Business Manager Tito Rabano, Susan took a chance and decided to be a sub-dealer of Pilmico flour under the name, Baker’s Bounty.

Baker’s Bounty started in May last year with only 10 sacks per month and now it has grown to over 400 sacks – all Pilmico flour. The company has also successfully converted users of other brands and have remained loyal to Baker’s Bounty and Pilmico since conversion.

Miko Pena, Susan’s son, joined Baker’s Bounty shortly after it was established.

“My exposure with Pilmico started when my mom encouraged me to attend the 2-day artisinal bread baking training at PRTB. It was also my way of familiarizing myself with my mom’s growing business. I quickly realized that bread or flour never goes out of style. I saw great potential in the business so I finally decided to quit my job and joined her at Baker’s Bounty,” Miko said.

With Miko joining the business, Baker’s Bounty soon became a reliable distributor of flour to most of the major restaurants, bakeshops and country clubs in the Alabang – Sta. Rosa, Laguna area. Some of their clients include Mama Lou’s, Luna and Nonna’s Pizzeria among others.

Susan and Mike Pena are very grateful to Pilmico for their unwavering support since Day 1.

Susan Pena shares:
“You have a wonderful team in Pilmico, always willing to help and teach clients about bread, pastries and baking. I see a bright future for our flour business and I am convinced to invest more. I’d also like to thank Chef Cynthia and Tito Rabano who have guided us along the way and provided invaluable inputs in our selling strategy. More power to you and please continue the PRTB support and more clients will patronize PILMICO.”