Pilmico and Gold Coin, the food and agribusiness subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, has been a Partner for Growth of the flour, feeds, farms, and trading industries since 1962.


We aspire to become one of Asia’s leading integrated food and agribusinesses.

Massive Transformative Purpose

We believe in Sustainably Feeding Asia’s Growth from Mill to Meal


Pilmico Foods Corporation (Pilmico) is one of the leading flour and feeds manufacturer and meat producers in the Philippines.

Pilmico marked the Aboitiz Group’s first foray into the food industry when brothers Vidal and Ramon Aboitiz partnered with Pillsbury Company of Minnesota, USA, and its flour milling company that was formerly known as Pillsbury-Mindanao Flour Milling Corp., Inc. The Aboitiz Group eventually acquired full ownership of the company in 1990 and rebranded to its current name, Pilmico Foods Corporation.

Its success in the flour industry forged the way for Pilmico to venture into other aspects of the food value chain.

In 1998, they established Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation, its agribusiness unit specializing in manufacturing feeds and producing meats. Its feedmill and farms are equipped with modern machines and technologies, providing top-notch manufacturing processes and products.

From the Philippines to the Asia Pacific

Not only did Pilmico expand its portfolio, but it also expanded regionally by acquiring Vinh Hoan Feeds in Vietnam and Gold Coin Group. Through these businesses, Pilmico and Gold Coin has 29 facilities across 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region: the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.

Today, Pilmico and Gold Coin is present from mill to meal.

From flour to feeds, meats, and more — Pilmico and Gold Coin offers a diverse range of products for all customers. They have expanded into the retail market, bringing its pet food brands “Maxime,” “Tommy,” and “Woofy,” and its meats brand “The Good Meat,” closer to customers.

Corporate Structure