Bangon Capiznon: Pilmico helps revive aquaculture in Capiz

In partnership with the Roxas City Government and Sagana Agricultural Supply, Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation handed 1.3 million bangus fry to the typhoon-afflicted fishing community of Roxas City, Capiz.

Roxas City, dubbed as the country’s “seafood capital” due to its abundant fish and seafood production, was one of the places severely damaged by typhoon Ursula that ravaged the country last December 2019.

Led by Pilmico’s Aqua team, they created a program aptly named Bangon Capiznon; aimed at providing fish farmers in Capiz the necessary seed stocks and technical support to revive their aquaculture production.

“True to our brand promise of being a Partner for Growth, Pilmico is here to assure our fish farmers that, together, we can recover and revive the aquaculture industry here in Capiz,” says Richard Rafio, Pilmico category manager for aqua.

PIlmico Aqua

Thankful Roxas City Councilor and Presiding Officer for Agriculture and Fisheries Honorable Moreno Gonzaga, lauded Pilmico and its initiative in helping the affected fish farmers – being the first feed company to give direct support to their aquaculture operators.

“Malaking tulong ito hindi lamang sa mga taga Roxas City ngunit sa muling pagbangon ng buong Capiz,” admires Hon. Gonzaga.

For the farmers engaged in cage operations, their fry allocation will be reared in assigned nurseries and will be distributed to them once they reach 3 to 5 inches – the suitable size for stocking in cages.

Through projects like Bangon Capiznon, Pilmico continues to advance business and communities, ensuring farmers are equipped with total solutions to grow and uplift their businesses.

Pilmico Aqua