woman standing behind backyard piggery

From Struggle to Success: How Pilmico’s Livelihood Kit Program Transformed Arselisa’s piggery business

Pilmico Empowers Piggery Entrepreneur in Bohol

Meet Arselisa B. Versales, an inspiring entrepreneur from Barangay Biabas, Ubay, Bohol. At 52 years old, Arselisa is a great example of how Pilmico’s Livelihood Program can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Since 2022, Pilmico has been a key partner in her success story, from the modest beginnings of her piggery into a thriving enterprise.

Arselisa’s journey began in 2019 when she became an active member of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI Microfinance) and received financial loan assistance under the Kabuhayan Loan Product.

Despite facing several challenges, such as juggling her duties as a dedicated RHU3 Barangay Clerk and managing her piggery business, she persevered with the help of her partner. 

Her dedication came to fruition when Arselisa was nominated for RAFI Microfinance’s Padayon sa Pagbusay Program (Paddle Unceasingly) in collaboration with Pilmico. This was a huge opportunity for Arselisa and her community.

As one of the beneficiaries of Pilmico’s Livelihood Program, she received two good-breed gilts, feeds, animal health products, and technical assistance. 

In 2023, Pilmico and RAFI Microfinance distributed livelihood kits – from bakery equipment to egg machines and gilt kits — to various communities in Cebu and Bohol under the “Padayon sa Pagbusay (Paddle Unceasingly)” program. 

Pilmico’s Livelihood Kit provides more than just material support. It aims to empower farmers and entrepreneurs by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive.

Arselisa, as a participant in the program, was able to recover from setbacks, such as losing piglets in 2019. With Pilmico’s support and Arselisa’s unwavering determination, she bounced back and is flourishing in her piggery business. 

Since starting with just one gilt in 2017, Arselisa now oversees 13 healthy gilts, including the ones from Pilmico’s Livelihood Kit. Her perseverance secured her family’s livelihood and established her as a prominent supplier of hog meat in her market and the municipal slaughterhouse.

Arselisa expressed her gratitude to Pilmico, highlighting the impact of their support to her family’s livelihood and her children’s education. “Dako kaayong tabang sa among panginabuhi ang maong programa labi na pgpa-eskwela sa akong duha ka anak sa High School ug College,” (“This program greatly helped our livelihood, especially in supporting the education of my two children in High School and College”), she shared.

Arelisa is eager to expand her business by adding more gilts. Her story serves as an example of the transformative potential of Pilmico’s LiveLihood Program. It shows that through perseverance, resilience, and community support, dreams indeed can become a reality.