Panadheroine of the month, Chef Bam shares how she is bouncing back from the pandemic

As March marks International Women’s Month, we celebrate the female Panadheroes who continue to rise amidst the challenges of the pandemic. One of them is Chef Bam of Custom Cakes by Bam who showed resilience during the pandemic and is bouncing back through the new normal.

Since she started her bakery business in 2007, Chef Bam has consistently used Pilmico Flour in crafting her pastries. She became a loyal advocate of the brand because it allows her to deliver good quality cakes. 

Chef Bam of Custom Cakes by Bam.

However, it became a difficult time for her business when the pandemic struck. With the lockdowns and strict regulations that were implemented, their cake orders reduced in numbers, fewer customers came by, and their online operations were not yet optimized. Even though it was a time that filled her with fear and uncertainty, Chef Bam knew she needed to keep her business afloat especially when her team’s livelihood depended on it. And with the support of their customers and their love for the craft of baking, she was determined to carry on. 

Challenging as it may be, Chef Bam shows her gratitude to Pilmico Flour’s dependability which helped her pull through. “The availability of your [Pilmico Flour’s] products even during the most difficult times like the lockdowns made it easier for us to operate even during times when raw materials were hard to come by. This was a big deal for us. Being able to continue production was essential in our success during the pandemic,” she said. 

It was indeed a unique time for her business but Chef Bam was able to succeed by restrategizing and adjusting their products and marketing plans to fit the shifting needs of their customers. “Our success during the pandemic can be attributed to our razor-sharp focus to succeed. We have made it our obligation to succeed even in the most difficult situations. This propelled us to constantly adjust our product offerings that will cater to our chosen demographic. The skill to adjust business operations and marketing plans drove us to cater to the needs of our market segment,” she shared. 

There were many changes and adjustments that happened during the course of the pandemic but one thing remained the same — the quality of Custom Cakes by Bam. 

For Chef Bam, the use of quality ingredients is behind her best-selling cakes. “Our best selling Salted Caramel Cakes are baked using Wooden Spoon Cake Flour. All are other custom cakes are also made with Wooden Spoon All-Purpose Flour. We have been successfully delivering good quality cakes because we invest in using good quality ingredients, equipment made by passionate bakers and cake artists. When the components are of good quality, the end result will always be great,” she said.

Chef Bam’s best-selling caramel cake, made with Wooden Spoon’s cake flour. 

That’s why from her humble beginnings as a home baker in 2007 up until now, she has continuously expanded and catered delicious and beautifully-made cakes to more people. And as Chef Bam courses through the new normal, they have made their cakes easily available to their clients, especially through social media platforms. She mentioned, “Our focus became availability to clients. We strengthened our customer service and order entry channels shifting to an easier online format. We also made sure that it is very easy for clients to choose existing products lines from channels they frequent be it on Facebook, Instagram, or through mobile portals.”

Pilmico Flour has been present throughout Chef Bam’s journey as a baker. She mentioned that from when she was still starting until now that she has expanded her business, they helped her reach her dreams for her business. “Pilmico’s support to our business has been great. Now that we have expanded our operations, one cannot help but emphasize that they have been supportive ever since we were small and home-based. Pilmico doesn’t entirely look at the size of your business but rather the passion you have for baking They, in turn, supports you to make your cake dreams come true by offering products that cater to your line of business or demographic,” she added. 

With their relentless support, especially during the pandemic when it was most difficult, Chef Bam continues to rise above it all.