Pilmico’s Return-To-Work initiatives, adjustments continue as companies adapt to ‘new normal’

Although the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has officially transitioned to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), things are far from being ‘business-as-usual’ for most companies and their employees. As Filipino society reels from the psychological and economic toll of the ECQ — not to mention the continued fear brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic — businesses and the workforce are starting to adjust to the so-called “new normal”, with some coping a little better than others.

For instance, many employees returning to work this past week have complained about the lack of options to get to their workplace, in light of public transportation still being prohibited from operating at full capacity.

To address this concern, Pilmico Foods Corporation,  Aboitiz group’s food and integrated agribusiness unit, have offered free shuttle services to transport workers that are essential for their on-site operations, in compliance with recommendations by Malacañang Palace in recent statements. For those who are not required to go to the office, Work-From-Home (WFH) arrangements have been made available.

According to Tristan Aboitiz, President and CEO of Pilmico, safety continues to be their number one priority. “We can assure our personnel, clients, and suppliers that, in the crucial period after the lifting of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), we will continue prioritizing everyone’s safety, while making quality products consistently accessible,” he said in a statement.

Pilmico, like many of the essential services that operated during the ECQ, will continue to enforce the safety protocols they have had in place, such as providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and sanitation products for on-site personnel. Also, only essential personnel will be allowed inside the buildings and/or facilities, so no visitors will be allowed in order to minimize the number of people in each facility. Deliveries to-and-from the business will also be done quite differently, following social distancing and contactless protocols.


Pilmico will provide PPEs and sanitation kits to all employees upon return to work.


New contactless sanitation tools were installed to help employees keep their hands clean and avoid touching surfaces.


Social distancing measures will still be implemented, with the addition of modified work spaces.


And following the protocol they utilized during the ECQ, correspondences with customers, suppliers, and other entities will be done mostly online.  Pilmico now extends its online services to virtual or “e-customer visits.” Through video calls, key department managers and their teams provide extended business reviews and guidance to Pilmico’s clients.

“Our focus in Pilmico at this point is to constantly look after our stakeholders, including our team members, and externally, our customers and suppliers. With the disruptions caused by this pandemic, it is important that we try to ease the burden on our stakeholders as best as we can by establishing a COVID-safe work environment and flexible work arrangements,” Aboitiz added.

Pilmico is now implementing flexible return to work arrangements for those who need to report onsite. For the majority of Pilmico’s employees, they will continue existing work from home setup to reduce potential risk to everyone.

Aboitiz also highlighted the importance of working together, especially during times like these. “Due to the protocols that have been established to this point, we have been able to keep our personnel and facilities COVID-free. This was made possible because we have been able to enlist the cooperation of the whole team,” he said. “Given the circumstances, we hope all of our stakeholders, whether they be customers, employees, suppliers, along with the communities we operate in, will continue to work with each other to develop and implement practices that keep everyone involved safe and productive,” he concluded.