Salto supports students through computer donation

Salto donates three million pesos of educational equipment to students nationwide. Cockfighting and gamefowl-breeding enthusiasts across the country participated and had a total of 812 entries to the annual Salto Breeders Benefit Sabong in 2020, which made the computer donation possible.

Due to the pandemic, the turnover of equipment was pushed back to 2023 in a series of outreach programs from March to April.

“With the support of our Salto endorsers and partners, we were able to distribute more than 120 computers. Since nakita natin noong pandemic na requirement ang digital infrastructure, kaya ito ang ibinigay namin. Lahat ng suporta ng breeders, we are giving back to the community because that is our commitment,” said Pilmico Assistant Vice President for Gamefowl Feeds Rommel Ting. “With the support of our Salto endorsers and partners, we were able to distribute more than 120 computers. We saw the need for digital infrastructure during the pandemic, so we donated computers. Our commitment is to give back to the community all the support we receive from [Salto] breeders.”

Municipal Mayor Salway D. Sumbo Jr. expressed his gratitude to Salto for donating equipment to schools at the Municipality of Malapatan in Sarangani Province last March 31, 2023.

Salto is the gamefowl feed brand of Pilmico. The brand is committed to giving back to the community and supporting education.

One hundred (100) percent of derby proceeds were used to purchase 124 computer sets with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, with additional water dispensers and printers. These were distributed to public schools across provinces from Bulacan to Sarangani. This is part of the project’s objectives to encourage the youth to be more engaged in their systems by providing them with fundamental tools vital to a progressive learning experience. 

“Always thankful kami sa mga private partners tulad ng Salto na nag-share ng blessings dito sa amin,” said Mayor Salway D. Sumbo Jr. of the Municipality of Malapatan, Sarangai Province. “We are always thankful to private partners just like Salto who share their blessings with our community.”