Tips On Having The Best Summer Cookout

Summer is finally here! We Filipinos beat the heat by hitting the beach or going on a summer outing like having a picnic in a park or a place with a beautiful view. Summer is always an excellent opportunity to go out with your family and friends and bond over good food.

Proper planning makes this memorable experience pleasant for everyone. Scout the best location that can accommodate you and your family, and even your pets if you are planning to bring them. Make necessary arrangements beforehand and inquire about the availability of materials or equipment that you need to have the best summer cookout.

Now comes the fun part—planning the menu. Think first of the main dishes, then of the other food items such as seasonal fruits, desserts, chips, sandwiches, salads, and drinks. At a cookout, meat is essential in every Filipino’s table, so make sure you only get the freshest and the best of quality available in the market. 

Grilled and barbecued meats are a must in every summer cookout. It’s easy finger food to cook and eat, and its charred and smokey flavors always takes us back to our fond childhood memories. Don’t forget to include that sweet and savory chicken and pork barbecue on your list!

You can marinate the pork and chicken beforehand to get maximum flavor. Whether the marinade is homemade or store-bought, you surely can’t go wrong with this as your main dish. It’s sure to please everyone in the group, from young to old.

As with any Filipino gathering, carbohydrates is an essential part of the meal. Apart from the classic, heaping, warm bowl of rice, try adding grilled sweetcorn and potatoes as these also go well with barbecued meat too. Blanch the sweetcorn at home, and wrap the sliced potatoes in tin foil. Grill them together with the meat to reduce the cooking time. Slather on some butter and additional toppings for more flavor.

Cookouts are a lot of fun, but can also be a lot of work! To lighten the load, you can carry along with you some pre-made side dishes that retain their texture and quality at room temperature and don’t spoil easily. Bringing fruits that are in season are also a good side dish or dessert to the meal. Pack them using easy-to-handle and transport food containers. Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated, and stay cool with your drinks! You can opt to bring a cooler to store the meats, beverages, fruits, and other foods that are ready to cook or serve.

It will also be handy to bring the necessary utensils and other materials like disposable plates, utensils, and trash bags for the clean up. Lastly, delegate the tasks among the members of the family to make everything easier.

Don’t forget to list what to prepare before going on that exciting trip and cookout! Remember that food, drinks, and especially fresh and quality meats are part of what will make your trip exciting and unforgettable. 


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