Collection and Processing of Personal Data

In connection with my application for employment with “Pilmico” refers to Pilmico Foods Corporation and Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation, I understand that Pilmico is collecting my personal information and sensitive personal information (“Personal Data”), to allow it to assess my suitability for the position I am applying for. I consent to the collection and further processing of my Personal Data including information about my identity, previous work experience, educational background, professional qualifications and standing with professional bodies including sanctions if any, dealings with any government agencies, bank or other financial institution, or information about any judicial, quasi-judicial or administrative case or proceeding, filed for or against me.

Personal Data of Third Parties

I represent and warrant that I have obtained the prior consent of third parties whose Personal Data is included in my application documents. I hereby release Pilmico from any liability arising from the processing of my Personal Data in the manner described in the Consent Formy

Disclosure of Personal Data

I understand that Pilmico may engage a third party (the “Employer Representative”) to verify or validate the information I have provided in relation to my application. I consent to the disclosure by Pilmico of my Personal Data to Pilmico Representative who may do further collection and processing of my Personal Data including disclosure of my Personal Data to Pilmico Representative’s own affiliates or third party service providers. Processing of my Personal Data by Pilmico Representative such as storage may occur in other countries.

In the event that I am employed by Pilmico and during the course of my employment, Pilmico will collect, process and maintain certain Personal Data including sensitive Personal Information about me. I understand that the collection and processing of these Personal Data by Pilmico are necessary so Pilmico can carry out its obligations to me as my employer, comply with legal and regulatory requirements and manage its business.

“Processing” means any action performed by Pilmico or any third party acting upon the instruction of Pilmico on my Personal Information including, but not limited to, the collection, recording, organization, storage, updating, retrieval, use, erasure or destruction of my Personal Data.


1. Payroll and benefits administration

Pilmico collects, uses, stores, maintains or otherwise processes my Personal Data to allow Pilmico to pay my salary and provide me with the statutory and other Employer benefits (such as leave, loan and medical benefits) I am entitled to in a timely manner.

The Personal Data processed for this purpose may include my name, address and other contact details, date of birth, gender, civil status, nationality, relevant government-issued identification numbers (such as my tax identification number and ID numbers issued by Home Mutual Development, Social and Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation), job and position data, biometric data including data on attendance or hours worked, terms of employment details, tax details, family relationship including beneficiary and dependent details, payment details such as payroll account numbers, financial information including credit history or information, 201 file details, data generated during the performance of the employment contract, medical records and history, correspondence with Pilmico with regard to salary and benefits matters, benefits availment history.

2. Strategic human resources planning and work assignment management

Pilmico also processes my Personal Data for purposes of planning for its future human resources needs in order to meet its strategic goals, as well as to manage work assignments to meet current organizational requirements.

The Personal Data processed for this particular purpose may include my age, length of tenure with Pilmico including remaining years to retirement, areas of expertise, career goals, results of performance appraisals, trainings attended, educational background, work experience, current projects and work assignments.

3. Performance review and talent development

Pilmico regularly reviews my performance to determine my qualification for promotion, salary increases, bonuses and additional benefits, as well as to offer me career opportunities within Pilmico or in other companies of the Aboitiz Group.

Personal Data processed during performance reviews include my personal goals, performance appraisal ratings, feedbacks from supervisors and colleagues, past work and assignments, areas of expertise, skills set, work experience and educational background.

Pilmico also uses the foregoing Personal Data to identify the appropriate training, mentorship, coaching or other forms of career guidance or personal development to suit my career goals and needs.

4. Promotion of employee engagement and well-being

Pilmico may also ask you to participate in surveys or interviews to study Employer culture and measure the level of employee engagement. My answers to these surveys and studies are used to identify and develop programs to increase employee engagement and motivation, and to promote employee well-being.

5. Protection of my vital interests

When it is necessary to process my Personal Data to protect my vital interests, Pilmico will do so. For example, Pilmico processes or will process my Personal Information in connection with its crisis or disaster preparedness planning or during the occurrence of a crisis or disaster.

Pilmico may process my contact details, family relationships, home address, location, health data and other relevant Personal Data for this purpose.

6. Employer communications

Pilmico may use my Personal Data in its communications with its stakeholders (internal and external) and the public. These Employer communications include annual reports for Pilmico’s shareholders and investors; magazines, newsletters and books published by the Aboitiz Group; posts and stories in Employer or Aboitiz Group portals, social media accounts and websites; newspaper articles about Pilmico or the Aboitiz Group.

Personal Data that may be used for these publications may include my personal quotes or personal stories about my work or experience in Pilmico or in the Aboitiz Group that you have agreed to share for publication, as well as my name, job and position, and pictures.

7. Compliance with law and regulation or legal obligation

Pilmico collects, uses, stores or discloses my Personal Data to regulatory agencies or to third parties (such as a counterparty to a contract) to comply with applicable laws and regulations or to comply with legal obligations.

Pilmico may process for this purpose may include my name, contact details, date of birth, gender, civil status, nationality, government-issued ID card or passport details, employment status, job and position data, work permit data, terms of employment details.

If I am an officer, Pilmico may also be required to disclose information about my shareholdings, and tax returns, educational background, business and work experience including directorships held within and outside the Aboitiz Group, family relationships, photos and involvement in any legal proceeding.

8. To monitor compliance with Employer policies and regulations

Pilmico may also use my Personal Data to monitor compliance with Pilmico’s policies and regulations, including Pilmico’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. For example, Pilmico collects information about my use of its networks, systems and information to check compliance with its policies. Such information include the time and date of my logins, the type of information and files shared, the search queries made, the type of device used, the mobile number of the device, IP addresses, MAC addresses, documents accessed and duration of access, mobile network information, mobile operating system and mobile browser used, time zone settings and device details.

If an employee is suspected of behavior or actions that are not compliant with Pilmico’s policies and regulations, Pilmico may use more specific content and traffic data for any investigation or inquiry that may be conducted. Pilmico will use these data to make legal decisions and to conduct legal proceedings. Such data includes my internet communications (including social media), sent and received email messages, printed documents, data on computers and storage devices (including USB sticks, portable hard drives) and data on back-ups.

9. People Analytics

The Pilmico may conduct assessments or studies to improve organizational capability, enhance employee experience or solve business problems for and on behalf of the Company, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and other entities under common control (the “Aboitiz Group”). This may require your personal data such as name, age, gender, civil status, address, educational background, religion, nationality and other demographic data, your health data (subject to compliance of existing laws), your work-related information (e.g career movements, developments plants, performance, transaction made as a team member of the company), and responses to data collection tools ( e.g surveys, assessments,etc).

In conducting assessments or studies, Pilmico and/or and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and other entities under common control (the “Aboitiz Group”) may use machine learning techniques and other data science methodologies, or partner with a third party service provider.

10. Other legitimate business purposes

In some cases, Pilmico collects, uses, discloses and stores my personal data for legitimate business purposes beyond those specifically stated in numbers 1 to 8. Such legitimate business purposes may include, without limitation, (i) the requirements of the general internal management of Pilmico; (ii) management reporting and disclosure purposes in the context of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and financing (initial public offerings, secondary offerings, and loans); (iii) requirements necessary to allow you to perform my tasks in the regular course of business or (v) HR studies or analyses to facilitate better decision making.

Pilmico may need to disclose my personal data for legitimate business purposes to the third parties identified below.

For this purpose, Pilmico may collect, use, disclose, store, or otherwise process, without limitation, my address and other contact details, date of birth, gender, civil status, nationality, relevant government-issued identification numbers (such as my tax identification number and ID numbers issued by Home Mutual Development, Social and Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation), job and position data, biometric data including data on attendance or hours worked, terms of employment details, tax details, family relationship including beneficiary and dependent details, payment details such as payroll account numbers, financial information including credit history, 201 file and other HR files or data including but not limited to my performance ratings, medical records and history, correspondence with Pilmico with regard to salary and benefits matters, benefits availment history and internet usage.


1. Access to my Personal Information within Pilmico

Aside from the HR Department, my Personal Information can be accessed by other Employer departments such as IT, Accounting, Governance and Compliance, Legal Management Service or the Data Privacy Officer, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill their respective tasks.

2. Access to my Personal Information by third parties

In limited circumstances, Pilmico may need to disclose, share or provide access to third parties my Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. Pilmico will comply with applicable laws and regulations in disclosing my personal data to third parties.
Pilmico may disclose my personal data to the following third parties:

(a) Service providers engaged by Pilmico to carry out functions or activities related to its legitimate business activities in connection with the services they are providing to Pilmico. These service providers may include, without limitation, payroll and healthcare administration providers; financial, tax, legal, technology or other consultants or advisors; auditors; insurance providers; information and communication technology service providers; travel agencies; transportation service providers.

(b) The parent Employer, subsidiaries and other affiliates of Pilmico to facilitate management of human resources in the Aboitiz Group, including postings, assignments, career advancement opportunities in any of Pilmico’s subsidiaries or affiliates where appropriate.

(c) Government agencies, other regulatory authorities (such as stock exchanges), quasi-judicial or judicial authorities to comply with laws, regulations or lawful orders.

(d) Any person or entity to whom Pilmico proposes to assign or transfer any of its rights and duties.

How We Use the The Information We Collect

When necessary, we request for your Personal Data for us to understand your needs and provide you with a better service. When you give consent to the processing of your Personal Data with us, you also agree to help us comply with our statutory and contractual obligations with other government entities and financial institutions. We may also share your personal data within and outside Pilmico and/or Aboitiz affiliates or subsidiaries upon your consent (written or electronic) for purposes of value added services useful and relevant on top of your account with us. For contractual and value-added services, confidentiality and privacy clauses are employed as recommended by the National Privacy Commission to ensure the data protection of personal data.

Below are the disclosures required by the government and non-government entities, other regulatory authorities, and financial institutions: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Credit Information Corporation (CIC), Department of Labor and Employment Judicial and Investigative Authorities, Financial Institutions, Social Security System, Pag-ibig,Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and other relevant stakeholders that can provide you with a better service.

Who Are Our Affiliates

We will share or disclose your personal information to our affiliates or subsidiaries only for the purposes for which we have collected your personal data.



We are committed to ensuring that your Personal Data is kept secure. We have implemented suitable and adequate organizational, physical, and technical security measures, policies, and procedures intended to reduce the risks of accidental destruction or loss, or the unauthorized disclosure or access to such information which are appropriate and adequate to the nature of the

Personal Data we collect

We may retain your Personal Data only for as long as necessary for legitimate business purposes, to comply with laws, regulations, or lawful court order, or to establish or defend a legal action.


I understand that I have the following rights in regard to the processing of my Personal Data:

1. Right to object if my Personal Data is processed for purposes other than stated in this Declaration and Privacy Consent.

2. Right to access on how my Personal Data was processed and with whom it was shared.

3. Right to dispute any inaccurate or erroneous Personal Data and to have Pilmico correct such inaccurate or erroneous information.

4. Right to suspend or order the blocking, removal or destruction of Personal Data that is erroneous, outdated, or unlawfully obtained, or processed not in according to the purposes stated and with the Data Privacy Act.

Concerns About Processing:

If you have questions, concerns or complaints regarding our compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or if you wish to exercise your rights to access, rectification, object, portability or deletion in instances allowed under the law, you may contact us through our Data Privacy Officer by way of any of the following channels:

Pilmico Data Protection Officer

Mailing Address: 18th Floor, NAC Tower, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634, Phils.
Email Address: pilmico.dpo@aboitiz.com
Please use the following subject format: Inquiry on Data Privacy

By sending your personal data to Pilmico means you have agreed to the purposes stated above and to our https://www.pilmico.com/privacy-statement/.

NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES: We recommend that you check this privacy notice every time you visit our website or mobile applications as we may update this privacy notice from time to time, by posting the amended notice on this page. Any changes will be effective when posted.