Cebu provincial jail bakery gets equipment upgrade from Pilmico and RAFI

20 April, Cebu City, CEBU – Aboitiz food subsidiary Pilmico has turned over today a newly-refurbished bakery inside the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), giving baker inmates a second shot at life as they make use of their time and skills, while earning money.


In coordination with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), Pilmico donated various baking equipment including a two-deck oven, spiral mixer, cake mixer, bread slicer, and baking racks. It also funded the construction materials for the facility’s renovation.

The CPDRC bakery, which has been in operation for three years now, is currently managed by the cooperative of inmates. The coop gives medical assistance to inmates, and financial aid for hospitalization and burial to their immediate family. They also give out pocket money to inmates who are being released.

When the bakery started its partnership with Pilmico, the bakers consume 68 bags of flour per month. It is expected to increase with the new facility and once the business gets official registration through the help of RAFI.

“The refurbishment and the donation of bakery equipment is a really big help in our community.  We can effeciently bake our breads and we now have more breads to sell.  We also hope more customer will come, not only people here in CPDRC but also people from the outside,” inmate and master baker Lito Granada said.

The bakery currently makes pandesal, francis bread, belgium bread, donut, sakoybinangkal, and their famous hopia. Pilmico will soon conduct bakery trainings to help them diversify into other products such as cake and pasalubong recipes.


Pilmico is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of flour and wheat-by-products. It is also a strong player in the swine production and animal feeds businesses. With its dedicated commitment to quality products and processes, the company ensures its market competitiveness through increases customer satisfaction.