Dalipuga National High School receives donation from Pilmico and Aboitiz Foundation

Tech Voc Donation to Dalipuga National High School (1)


Pilmico Foods Corporation (Pilmico) through Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (AFI) has donated essential tools and equipment to Dalipuga National High School in preparation for its full-scale K-12 program implementation this year.

Over Php 1M worth of assistance was provided by Pilmico & AFI which includes: textbooks & reference materials, school equipment and multimedia facilities. More importantly, the donation also covered teachers’ training and a bench-marking opportunity with other business units who are currently implementing technical vocational programs within their areas.

For Dalipuga National High School, their focus tracks are: Bread and Pastry Production, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, and Cookery.

Pilmico Vice President for Operations – Iligan, Engr. Florencio Sebandal was present during the turnover ceremony. During his keynote speech, Engr. Sebandal addressed the student beneficiaries and said:

“You are the biggest, most important component for the success of this school. If you can commit to that, as early as now, I already congratulate you for your success… I trust that you will stand with your commitment and I would like to see you years from now successful in your careers through the help of this donation.”

Dalipuga National High School is within close proximity to Pilmico’s Iligan Plant. The High School has been aiming to formally put in place their technical vocational programs but had limited resources to do so. Pilmico’s donation will enable the school to carry out its programs and complete its transition to a K-12 curriculum.

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