Cultivating Success: Pilmico Foods Corporation’s Flourishing Partnership with the Bureau of Plant Industry

In the midst of the flourishing agricultural landscape of the Philippines, Pilmico Foods Corporation (Pilmico) and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) have joined forces to work towards a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.

Pilmico actively supports BPI’s growth by providing leadership workshops that build expertise and empower leaders to navigate complex challenges and create positive change within the Bureau. Through the development of these individuals, Pilmico not only contributes to the progress of the Bureau of Plant Industry but also to the overall advancement of the Philippine agricultural sector.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable livelihoods, the partnership also actively collaborates with the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) livelihood programs to ensure that they reach the grassroots level and make a significant difference in the lives of Filipino raisers.

Dr. Ralph Espinosa, DVM, and Pilmico Veterinary Services & Training Specialist, gives a workshop about layer production for the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) employees under the Livelihood Assistance and Management Program (LAMP). 

This partnership goes beyond traditional collaboration. Pilmico’s Innovation in Governance Academy and Livelihood Assistance and Management Program (LAMP) offer BPI employees and retirees a holistic approach to professional and personal development. Under the leadership of BPI and High-Value Crops Development Program Director Glenn Panganiban, a significant milestone was achieved through a partnership with the Department of Agriculture, providing starter kits to qualified beneficiaries and promoting agricultural development programs like the National Livestock Program and Urban Agriculture.

In addition to skills management workshops, Pilmico and BPI also provide egg machine kits to advocate sustainable livelihood.

As Pilmico and the Bureau of Plant Industry continue to work together, the impact of their partnership transcends organizational boundaries. Their shared vision, complementary strengths, and unwavering commitment showcase the potential of public-private partnerships. This partnership, enriched by mutual dedication to professional development, livelihood support, and agricultural advancement, signifies a shared commitment to a brighter future for the Philippines’ agricultural landscape.