We are a premier food solutions provider offering a growing range of safe and quality meats and eggs products.

High Quality Meats & Eggs

Meats and EggsMeats

We provide high quality pork products from standard cuts and marinated meats to customized cuts and whole carcasses to our customers. All of our meat products undergo a process that enables us to trace its origins from farm to fork.


Pilmico also has a line of both white and brown eggs in varying sizes fit for the different needs of our customers. We ensure our eggs are always fresh and of quality by consistently running it through our stringent quality control processes.

Live Hogs & Pork Carcass

Live and Carcass

Live & Carcass

Our hog farms produce feeder pigs for growing and market hogs for slaughter. Our hog quality is ensured through our very own genetic program and strict biosecurity measures. Aside from live whole hogs, we also have whole and headless carcasses produced from the same high quality hogs bred in our farms.

The Good Meat

The Good Meat

The Good Meat

The Good Meat is Pilmico’s retail brand carrying all Pilmico-manufactured products from meat cuts, value-added meat, and eggs. The Good Meat brings our farms closer to our end users through our brick-and-mortar store based in San Juan City, Philippines and an online shop where customers can order our meat and eggs delivered straight to their doorsteps.

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