VHF Receives Halal Certification


Pilmico-Vinh Hoan Feed (VHF) has announced it has officially been certified by HCA Vietnam for its production of compound feed for fish.

HCA Vietnam, recognized by JAKIM, MUIS & CICOT, is a member of the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) and is appointed by the government committee for Religion Affairs.

“Halal” – which means “permissible or lawful” in Arabic – certification ensures that products are produced in accordance with Islamic guidelines and meets the requirements of food hygiene in the production process, therefore making it safe for Muslim consumption.

The Halal certification is granted by HCA Vietnam and is accepted worldwide – from Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE and to other Middle Eastern countries as well as across Europe and North & South America. The certification paves the way for Pimico VHF to further expand its customer reach by opening up a number of markets for the company in serving Muslim countries and Muslims in other countries.


Congratulations to our Pilmico-VHF partners in ensuring that we deliver safe and quality products, thereby fulfilling our brand promise of becoming our customers’ Partners for Growth.