6 Ways to Keep Your Felines Well-Hydrated

Most people say that having a pet nowadays is almost the same as giving birth to a human baby. As the paw-rents of these floof babies, we are tasked to make sure that they are receiving the best care possible, like having enough food packed with nutrients and clean drinking water. Before we dive deeper into discussing the most optimal care for both cats and dogs, let’s focus on the basics of what our feline babies need.

Here at Maxime, we always want to help you and your floof baby live the best life together! This is why we have jotted down a few tips and tricks that can help you make sure your cattos are well hydrated.

1. Never Leave Water Bowls Empty 

As much as we humans need to keep a glass or bottle of water within reach, it’s also ideal that we keep our pets’ water bowls full every time. Just make sure that you change the water in it DAILY. They’ll most likely know if the water’s fresh or not. 

2. Place Different Bowls in Different Places

Cats, as all purr-rents know, are very unpredictable; might as well go with it, right? Put bowls in random places around your home, as cats prefer drinking in different spots. They would also love it if you don’t place them in locations that frequent heavy foot traffic, such as doors, hallways, living rooms, etc. 

3. Switch to Wide and Shallow Ceramic Bowls

The bowl matters! Metal and plastic bowls sometimes give water a weird taste and it might keep the cattos from enjoying their drink. They would love it if you use ceramic bowls instead–those that are a bit shallow and wide, as these allow them to see their surroundings while having a sip.  

4. Multiple Bowl Options May Add Excitement 

You might want to try giving your cat several bowl options by keeping random bowls out at all times. The one that drains the fastest is what your catto likes the most, and it might make them drink more frequently than they usually do.

5. Try a Drinking Fountain

Cats are fascinated with anything that’s moving, so flowing water from a drinking fountain might do the trick. If you’re feeling a little fancy, it’s best to choose the kind that has its own filter to keep the water fresh. Just make sure they’re regularly cleaned so your babies will keep coming back for more.

6. Mixing Drops of Broth in the Water

We humans love drinking beverages with different flavors, and our cats do, too! Adding low-sodium tuna or clam juice ice cubes, or chicken broth can make drinking more exciting and enjoyable for your cat. Make sure to discuss with your resident veterinarian which flavors are recommended for your floof baby. 

Knowing which method will work best for your feline babies can be a bit tricky at first, but it will always be worth it. The cattos may not be able to say it, but we do believe they’re grateful for all that you do to keep them healthy and for having you as their paw-rents!