Bake with Pilmico Flour: Kutitap Pandesal

Start your mornings right with an all-time panaderia favorite: Pan De Sal! Baked proudly by our hardworking PanadHeroes across the nation! #ProudToBePanadHero #BringingComfortThroughFood


1000g, Kutitap Hard Wheat Flour

10g, Instant Yeast

15g, Salt

188g, Sugar

575g, Water

100g, Shortening


1. Place the instant yeast in the bowl, followed by the flour, then the salt and sugar.

2. Attach the hook to the mixer. (Note: make sure to secure the bowl unto the mixer.)

3. Run the mixer at speed 1 for 30 seconds, then slowly pour in the water.

4. When all the dry ingredients are fully wet, turn off the mixer.

5. Add in the shortening onto the dough.

6. Run the mixer at speed 4 to 5, or medium speed for 5 mins.

7. Turn off the mixer to scrape dough pieces and stick them onto the lump of dough.

8. Run the mixer for another 5 mins, or until the dough has been developed.

9. When the dough has been developed, rest the dough for 10 mins on your work table, covered by the bowl.

10. After resting, roll the dough like a long hotdog. Roll in bread crumbs.

11. Cut the dough pieces to +/-35 grams.

12. Set on greased pans.

13. Let rise for 30 minutes, or check with indentation test.

14. Bake at 180°C, until golden brown, or until the underside shows a browned circle (swelo).