Encouraging your children’s kitchen curiosities with Pilmico’s baking classes

Getting the kids involved in their food by giving them a chance to make their own baked goodies this summer is a start in their culinary future. Mini chefs learned their way around the kitchen, developing their skills in sifting, mixing, baking and decorating. Children practiced basic kitchen safety and baking techniques in whipping up tasty baked goodies.

Children ages 7 to 10 years old were taught how to make no-bake cookies, coconut macaroons, pizza pandesal, and also learning the fun factor in creating and decorating cookies.

Children ages 11 to 15 years old were able to develop confidence in their new skills in baking mini cheese cupcakes, chocolate crinkles, banana crunch cake and pizza pandesal.


Working in groups, kids prepare the baked goodies and decorating them. Everything they bake, they got to take home! The Pilmico Research & Training Bakery’s Kid’s at Work bakery training were scheduled during the summer vacation from Mar 30 to May 13.