Good Reasons Why Meat is Good For You

Everybody wants to be healthy. The famous “health is wealth” adage is more meaningful now than ever. 

Nutrition is the foundation of health, and we will never be healthy if we receive poor nutrition. To most of us, nutrition is equivalent to the food we consume. Nutrition is how our bodies use the food we eat for sustenance, growth, and development.

Food Groups and Their Importance

We learn from our younger years that food can be grouped into three categories – GO, GROW, and GLOW foods. These three play a major role in our diet, nutrition, and health. GO foods contain carbohydrates and fats that provide energy for our bodies. Examples of these are rice, bread, and root crops. 

GLOW foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are high in vitamins and minerals. GROW foods, on the other hand, are protein-rich foods that are responsible for bone and muscle health. Our primary source of protein is meat, but poultry, dairy products, fish, and eggs are also considered protein-rich foods. 

Why Eating Meat is Part of Eating Healthy 

Meat is a well-favored source of protein in the Filipino diet. Pork and beef (red meat)or chicken (white meat) can be purchased in local markets. We have a lot of varied recipes for our meats. 

Good meat is high in amino acids, vitamins such as vitamin A that stimulates the production of white blood cells responsible for fighting body infections and B vitamins that break down complex carbohydrates, and minerals like iron and selenium. Iron is needed by our body to make hemoglobin and myoglobin while selenium helps protect against cell damage and infections. These are just some of the many benefits of protein in our diet. Thus, cooking your favorite pork adobo recipe not only satisfies your cravings but also provides your body with its needed nutrients.

Meat is critical in children’s diets while they are in their growing stage, while the elderly need an adequate intake of protein and calcium to maintain good muscle mass and bone health.

Protein-rich foods are essential at every stage of our lives and need to be included in our diet. When shopping for your homemade meals, don’t forget to shop for quality produce and fresh meat. A well-balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential for good nutrition and health.


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