Maxime promotes bonding time for pets and their owners in Pet Summit 2022

Maxime participates in Pet Summit Philippines 2022. 

Maxime together with Pilmico’s other pet retail brands, Tommy and Woofy joined its first-ever Pet Summit Philippines Trade Show, one of the country’s largest pet-related events, last May 21 and 22, 2022 in Ayala Malls Manila Bay. During the event, fur parents and their fur babies enjoyed fun-filled activities in Maxime’s booth, such as the mini playground, caricature station, and photo booth.

Dogs and cats showed off their tricks, intelligence, and skills in the different obstacle courses and challenges in the mini playground. The most popular booths fur parents were drawn to were the caricature and photo booths where they had their pets drawn or had their photos taken as their souvenirs from the event. Aside from these activities, participants also received sample products from Maxime. 

One of the Brand Ambassadors shares the benefits and product details of Maxime. 

Blessie Zarzuela, National Sales Manager of Maxime, shares her excitement for the brand as a newcomer in the Pet Summit. “We are truly excited to join this year’s Pet Summit for the first time. We have been waiting for a long time to touch base with our consumers, and I believe that this is the best opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level. The pandemic has really tied us in terms of activities; that’s why we prepared activities for the pet owners in our booth, including some discounts and premium items for every purchase,” she shared. 

Reiki Healer Kris Calim conducts a Reiki session at the Pet Summit Philippines 2022. 

Maxime also held a free 15-minute Reiki session in the event to promote a stronger bond between pets and their owners, led by Reiki Healer Kris Calim. A Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that involves channeling one’s energy to another. In this case, Reiki is done between pets and their owners to create a stronger bond and to boost their immune system. 

Fur parents can expect to see Maxime in more pet-related events throughout the year. “Maxime is looking forward to similar activities like the Pet Summit within the year so we can share to fur parents how it is to live the best life together with their pets,” said Blessie Zarzuela.