Pilmico team members at National Environment Month

Pilmico champions environmental stewardship for National Environment Month

Pilmico joins National Environment Month with nationwide tree-planting initiative.

In June, various teams of Pilmico planted 1,200 seedlings across the country to celebrate Philippine National Environment Month and Arbor Day. Through this tree-planting initiative, Pilmico aims to showcase its unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, specifically in fighting climate change and improving air quality.

Pilmico Farms gathered at Brgy. Balanti on the morning of June 21, 2024, where they planted 100 tree seedlings.

In the province of Tarlac, team members of Pilmico Farms and meat-cutting facilities, including the Tarlac MeatMasters team, planted 200 tree seedlings of Narra, Banaba, and Gmelina. Along with Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) Engr. Michael F. Lugma, planted trees along Seamless Road in Brgy. Lourdes, Bamban, Tarlac on June 20, 2024. Meanwhile, barangay councilors of Brgy. Balanti, headed by their chairman Adriano Cortez, joined the Pilmico Farms team to plant the trees in their community on June 21.

Additionally, Pilmico marks its fifth year of participation in the coastline tree-planting program along Bayug Island, Hinaplanon, Iligan City, in an effort to nurture and protect the city’s coastal environment. Around 80 team members planted 1,000 mangrove propagules on the island in collaboration with its local community, who will serve as its caretakers in the coming years to ensure the mangroves’ growth and survivability. 

“In Pilmico, participating in tree-planting activities is crucial because it creates a more sustainable and resilient environment. Every seedling, every mangrove planted is a step towards a cleaner and greener world,” said Gian Carlo Lluisma, Pilmico Safety Health Environment Manager for Food & Nutrition.

Pilmico team members on their fifth year of planting mangrove propagules along the coastline of Iligan City.

Pilmico’s tree-planting efforts contributed 1,200 new trees to the environment, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and a more sustainable future.