Pilmico supports Aboitiz’s Group #RebuildCebu with livelihood program kits

Pilmico partners with Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. in “Padayon sa Pagbusay,” a rehabilitation project for families affected by Typhoon Odette in Cebu and Bohol. 

Months after Typhoon Odette hit the Visayan region, its effects and damages are still felt today, especially for the families and their livelihood. 

To aid affected families and help them get back on their feet again, Pilmico Foods Corporation (Pilmico) partnered with Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (AFI) and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. – Microfinance (RAFI-MFI), for the Cebu and Bohol rehabilitation project called “Padayon sa Pagbusay (Paddle Unceasingly).” The project is spearheaded by RAFI-MFI aimed to help afflicted families rebuild their lives and start a business through livelihood assistance.

“We in the Aboitiz Foundation try our best to help Typhoon Odette affected areas. We want to see the communities rise from the aftermath of this disaster. Our goal is to help them recover and become more resilient communities. We thank our local partners, the Aboitiz business units, who came together to extend valuable assistance,” said Maribeth Marasigan, Aboitiz Foundation, Inc, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Gilt, egg, and bakery livelihood kits were distributed to various beneficiaries from Cebu and Bohol last July.

Last July, Pilmico distributed gilt, bakery, and egg machines livelihood kits to 15 beneficiaries from North and South Cebu, and Bohol. Five of them received the gilt package which includes 2 gilts and feeds, another set of 5 beneficiaries received the egg kits with egg machines, ready-to-lay hens, and a weighing scale, while the remaining 5 got various baking equipment and flour. Aside from the livelihood kits, beneficiaries were also given animal health products and access to or provided with technical services to equip them with the needed skills and knowledge for their business. 

Pilmico’s Livelihood Kit gives agripreneurs a comprehensive program that ensures they have the right equipment to start their business down to offering technical assistance to equip them with the needed skills.

This is also part of the food group’s flagship project, Pilmico Livelihood Kit, wherein they distribute livelihood opportunities, especially to farmers and entrepreneurs. More than these packages, they are also supported with the proper technical knowledge and capabilities to ensure the sustainability and profitability of their livelihood in the long run. 

True to the Aboitiz Group’s commitment to advancing business and communities, the rehabilitation project aims to empower beneficiaries from Cebu and Bohol and help them become successful agripreneurs. And in the future, they will also be able to provide for their families and offer quality products to their customers, whether it’s pigs, eggs, or bread.