Poultry Farming: Taking the First Steps

The future of poultry production in the Philippines is forecasted to remain in good shape.

Traditionally, pork served as the top choice of the Filipinos as the primary protein source of their diet. In 2019, however, it was overtaken by chicken for the first time in terms of per capita consumption. The rise in income and the growing demand of the middle class contributed to such positive development in the poultry sector.

A Bright Future For The Philippine Poultry Industry

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), from 2009 to 2018, there was a 40% increase in the demand for dressed chicken – from 1 million MT to 1.4 million MT.

PSA also stated a 4% increase in chicken egg output in the year 2020 compared to the previous year – from 583,234 MT to 605,78 MT. The country’s chicken layer population expanded by 4.19% from 41.202 million birds to 42.928 million. Some of the swine farmers that were affected by the African Swine Fever also shifted to poultry production.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – Food and Agricultural Organization, the aggregate chicken demand is projected to be about 1.8 million MT by 2023.

But what contributes to such growth?

There are several reasons:

Continuous increase in the demand for chicken meat due to population increase and rising income

Establishment of new commercial farms and dressing plants

The growing use of contract farming

Improvement in infrastructure in terms of ventilated housing and stocking capacities

Adequate supply of day-old chicks

The Department of Agriculture also said that processed meat products can now be exported to Japan – one of the country’s largest trading partners. Agriculture Secretary William Dar said, “This is definitely a big boost for our livestock producers, and food manufacturers, meat processors, and exporters, as we continue to look for market opportunities to jumpstart the country’s economic recovery amid the pandemic.”

There are opportunities left and right.

Poultry Farm Management Basics

We are here to help you on your poultry journey.

There are many steps to consider when starting a poultry business. Pilmico’s Diamond program gives a clear guideline on proper livestock raising.

Improved Genetics and Breeding. Selecting and nurturing the right breeds will ensure growers achieve the target feed conversion rate, carcass weight, egg production quality, and quantity of their chickens.

Good Farm Management. Following the best farm practices will maximize efficiency of production. This requires focus on environment and water management, including regular flock monitoring, scheduling of activities, and communication and teamwork with your staff.

Excellent Nutrition and Feeding. Providing quality feeds through every growth stage of poultry will provide them with energy and the right nutrients to maximize their performance.

Complete Health Care. An effective biosecurity and a complete vaccination program will prevent highly contagious diseases from entering the farm, reduce mortality and increase the overall health of poultry.

Poultry farming in the Philippines is projected to have a bright future. This is a long-term viable agribusiness for entrepreneurs.

But how do we begin?

As with any other business venture, it will be best to seek out technical experts and ask for their advice. Watch videos, read literature related to poultry operation, or attend seminars conducted by your trusted feed company, or the Department of Agriculture.

With rising demand, new technologies, and readily available technical support, now is a good time to embark on your poultry journey.


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