What Should You Feed Your Dog?

A happy dog fills a happy home and here at Maxime, we believe that a happy dog is a healthy one. One of the fundamental factors in ensuring that your fur buddy is healthy is by giving him the proper nourishment he needs.

Whether you’re a new fur parent or thinking of switching your dog’s current diet, choosing a dog food for your furbaby can be overwhelming with all the options available in the market. With our team of experts, we’ve cracked down the top things that you should consider when deciding what to feed your dog.

The formula of a good dog food

Commercial dog food is often categorized into two — canned wet food and dry kibble. Most dog owners either feed dry kibble or wet food to their doggos, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the category they fall in, all pet foods must pass regulatory standards and undergo rigorous testing from veterinary specialists before they can be sold in the market.

Many of these regulations are based on the recommendations of the Association of American Feed Control Official Standards. The AAFCO sets the standards by providing a “guaranteed analysis”. This guaranteed analysis gives the minimum amount of crude protein, fat, fiber, and moisture to ensure that pet foods are minerally balanced and offer complete pet nutrition.

When choosing a dog food, at the bare minimum, look for the label that says the product was formulated in accordance with AAFCO’s standards.

A dog’s nutritional needs

Your dog’s nutritional needs will vary depending on his breed, age, weight, and size. For example, large-breed dogs are more prone to joint and skeletal problems, which is why they require dog food rich in nutrients that promote musculoskeletal health. 

Doggos also have different nutritional needs as they go through different stages in their life. Puppies require more calcium and carbohydrates than adult dogs, and senior dogs also often have a different set of nutritional requirements formulated based on their needs, which usually require lower calories, higher protein, and reduced carbohydrates. 

A good quality dog food should be able to provide these essential nutrients:




Vitamins and minerals

Choosing the right dog food

When it comes to choosing the right dog food for your fur babies, it’s still best to consult a veterinarian to make sure you are providing them proper nourishment according to their age, size, and breed. 

Go for high-quality dog food that meets regulatory standards formulated with optimal nutrients to keep your fur buddies healthy, active, and happy. Maxime Dog Food is especially made to provide complete and balanced nutrition while delighting your doggo’s palate.

#LiveTheBestLifeTogether with your doggos and help them live to their full potential by giving them the right nourishment and care. 

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