Bake with Pilmico Flour: Soft Ensaymada

​​How do strong hands make the softest bread? We’ll show you! Here’s a flexible panaderia classic recipe, perfect for breakfast, merienda, or dessert! #ProudToBePanadHero


100g, Sun Moon Star Hard Wheat Flour

60g, Wooden Spoon Cake Flour

4g, Instant Yeast

2g, Salt

36g, Sugar

8g, Full-cream Milk Powder

40g, Butter

1 piece, Egg yolk (medium)

100g, Water


1. Place the instant yeast in the bowl, followed by Sun Moon Star Hard Wheat Flour and Wooden Spoon Cake Flour, then the salt, sugar, and full-cream milk powder.

2. Attach the hook to the mixer. note: secure the bowl unto the mixer.

3. Run the mixer at speed 1 for 30 seconds. then slowly pour in the water, and egg yolks.

4. When all the dry ingredients are fully wet, turn off the mixer. Scrape the side if needed.

5. Add the butter to the dough.

6. Run the mixer until fully developed.

7. Rest the dough for 10 mins on your work table, covered by the bowl.

8. After resting, roll the dough into a log.

9. Cut the dough pieces to +/-55 grams.

10. Round into dough balls, and rest for 20 mins.

11. Apply some butter on to your hands, turn a dough ball upside down. Apply enough butter to the dough with your fingers, while massaging the dough sideways. Continue until the dough is a thin rectangle. Roll into a log from up-side towards you, and roll a bit longer.

12. Form the log into a spiral, with the tail-end hidden beneath the clump of dough. And place them in ensaymada llaneras.

13. Let rise for 45 minutes, or check with indentation test.

14. Bake at 180°C, until light brown.

15. Cool.

16. Brush some butter on top, dip in sugar, and grate some cheese on top.