Clocked: Pilmico launched new feeds line, Bagwis

Last November 22, 2018, Pilmico recently launched a new feeds line specially designed for homing pigeons, Bagwis. Bagwis promises to deliver precise nutrition for homing pigeons at every race.

Following the growing industry of homing pigeons in the country, Pilmico thought it was high time we respond to the demands of the market.

“In the past years, we’ve seen growth in club establishments, increased club membership, stock birds augmentation, and product portfolio expansion among allied industries – veterinary drugs, supplements, accessories and nutrition. Nutrition is one of the key drivers of a winning race alongside with proper training. We want to take part in the history making of each fancier by providing the precise nutrition for a well conditioned pigeon in every race.”, Poultry Feeds Manager, Oscy Balangiao shares.

Putting nutrition at the center of the brand, Bagwis boasts of total care for the pigeons from breeding to racing through careful selection and the right mix of grains and seeds.


BAGWIS Breeder provides the right protein and fat needed in the production of quality crop milk for a squab’s nourishment while maintaining the pair’s good body condition. BAGWIS Trainer is designed to support complete feathering, body conformation, and hardening ready to for its flight training. This is achieved through feeds design of moderate protein but high in carbohydrates and fat. BAGWIS Racer is formulated for building sufficient body reserve needed during the flight and improve its homing instinct through a mix with lower protein but higher fat content.

Fanciers or pigeon breeders and trainers who got the exclusive chance to test the products on their homing pigeons commended the mix for improving the buoyancy of the bird making them lighter while still maintaining a healthy form and enhancing the homing instinct among young birds.

Through Bagwis, Pilmico places itself as the go-to solutions provider for pigeon fanciers with its multi-grain mixes thoughtfully designed to give pigeons the right kind of nutrition at every stage of their development.