The Five Benefits of Locally Produced Fresh Meat

The Philippines is a meat-loving country. 

In fact, 2020 statistics showed that every Filipino consumed an average of 13.74 kilograms of meat poultry. Fitch Solutions, a think tank, also mentioned that Filipinos are likely to spend more than ⅓ of the household budget to buy more meat and poultry products while cutting back on rice consumption by 2025. 

With these numbers, meat dishes will undoubtedly reign over our tables in decades! 

To receive high-quality meat, supporting local producers is a huge factor. Below are the reasons why.

Locally Produced Meat is Likely to be Healthier, Tastier, and Safer

Knowing where your meat comes from and how it was raised leads to a safer and healthier lifestyle. You’ll be familiar with your local farmers and their practices to ensure that livestock is free from preservatives, chemicals, added hormones, and antibiotics. 

When livestock is free from unhealthy diets, they do not produce too much fat. Instead, they form beautiful marbling — white flecks of fat between meat muscles, attributing to its tenderness, juiciness, and great flavor. 


When you purchase local meat, you save shipping costs whether it comes across or from other countries. You also avoid a series of retailers or wholesalers from its sourcethus, giving you the best price. 

Aside from that, local meat stores are primarily available within your community and online. Walk around and pick your favorite cuts or order through mobile, and they’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep.

You Can Support Local Farmers and the Future of Farming

Once you buy from local meat stores, you boost the business of our local farmers. You are helping them grow their profit and expand their business — improve their processes, invest in equipment/ facilities, and build skills to deliver premium meat. 

Supporting local farmers also creates opportunities/ local jobs such as the farmers themselves, logistics who bring goods to the market, and teams who set up stalls and sell the products. 

With higher meat demand, we establish a greener future for farming. Farming and relevant jobs will bloom, and younger generations will continuously explore this field. This phenomenon can also foster food security in the country – nutritious, sustainable, affordable, and accessible meat produce. 

You are Helping the Environment

Purchasing local meat has an enormous impact on our environment. 

It reduces food miles or the distance food travels before reaching your local market. Meat doesn’t need long truck trips or travel via planes. There’s no need for substantial storage facilities or refrigerators before reaching your plate. Thus, decreasing energy usage and carbon footprints. 

Generally, we massively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we buy local meat produce. 

Local Meat Supplier in Metro Manila

Local meat suppliers have plenty of benefits to our community.

If you’re looking for a local meat shop in Metro Manila, meet The Good Meat. The Good Meat is a local online meat shop offering pre-packed meat cuts such as pork, chicken, and beef. 

The Good Meat products came from local farmers to preserve their natural properties and provide high-quality meat you deserve. 

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